Advantages of becoming a member offers numerous benefits to its members:

  • the possibility of exchanging experiences and ideas within the members and of profiting from the legal, administrative and tax expertise on the European markets,
  • the possibility of participating in conferences organised by on the national, European and international level,
  • the access to the statistics collected by and to the most recent information concerning the cross-border employment sector and the labour market in the EU,
  • the possibility of benefiting from training sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of member firms,
  • joint PR activities performed to create a positive image of cross border employment businesses, posting of workers and service providers,
  • the possibility of taking an active part in activities aimed at amending legal regulations affecting the employment and service market in the EU,
  • legal assistance,

Admission procedure

The following documents are required:

  • the resolution of the Management Board of the Company confirming the intention to join as an ordinary member,
  • the extract from the companies or associations register,             

Membership fee: 100 EUR/Month.



Membership fee/month Full membership fee annual: 1200.- EUR.

Payment: ( ) annually

Membership renews itself automatically for an additional year, unless written notice of membership cancellation, addressed to the Secretary General, is submitted at least six months before the end of the year. After having paid the membership fee, the member has the right to use the general services of the Organization as set out in the description of services. By paying a contribution towards expenses, the extent of services can be expanded to the additional services. We agree that the data regarding our membership will be recorded and transmitted to other members for the purpose of collaboration. 


EU single market pleads for a renewed focus on making the single market work better. We need to remove remaining barriers to free movement urgently.             

Free movement of services

Services are crucial to the EU economy. They...

Services for our members


The develops targeted lobby activities for members and for member business groups.

The interact regularly with the European Parliament, Commission and Council as well as other stakeholders in the policy community. The also represent European business in the international arena, ensuring that Europe remains globally competitive.

Legal Information Online

Legal Information about the European Law and about the national regulations and practice regarding cross-border employment and posting of workers in Europe Information Online provides you with a reliable source of...