Welcome to European-Employers.eu!

The European-Employers.eu is a non-party political group, which cares for cross-border-businesses and represents them through targeted EU advocacy and profiling activities.

The European-Employers.eu develops targeted lobby activities for members and for member business groups.

The European-Employers.eu promotes the needs of all cross-border businesses and advocates necessary adjustments in EU legislation removing obstacles for businesses in Europe and enabling them to thrive. 

The European-Employers.eu interact regularly with the European Parliament, Commission and Council as well as other stakeholders in the policy community. The European-Employers.eu also represent European business in the international arena, ensuring that Europe remains globally competitive.

Today, the European-Employers.eu is one of the most influential organisations based 
on voluntary membership in Europe. Through its direct membership, associate membership and cooperation agreements, the European-Employers.eu now represents over one million businesses and covers 19 European and 15 non-European countries.


EU single market

European-Employers.eu pleads for a renewed focus on making the single market work better. We need to remove remaining barriers to free movement urgently.             

Free movement of services

Services are crucial to the EU economy. They...


Advantages of becoming a member

European-Employers.eu offers numerous benefits to its members:

  • the possibility of exchanging experiences and ideas within the members and of profiting from the legal, administrative and tax expertise on the...